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N e w   H o p e   A c a d e m y 
o f    T e n n e s s e e 

Private  Christian  School  &  Resource  Center
"We   help   you   homeschool"
Book-based   and   Online   Programs

Actually, it's not About us
-we help
YOU homeschool

New Hope Academy of TN (NHAT) is a private, Christian school, catering to the needs of homeschooling families in Tennessee and across the nation. As a Category IV, church-related school, it is our mission to help you successfully homeschool your child or children.  

We work with both new and seasoned homeschoolers.  New homeschoolers who are just finding their way on this new educational journey usually need more assistance and have an abundance of questions, which we are glad to address.   Seasoned homeschoolers who have been homeschooling for some time have usually developed a treasure trove of information and knowledge.  Accordingly, they often need minimal assistance, other than with driving permit documentation, high school transcripts, high school graduation, interpreting standardized testing, and post-high school preparation.  To both groups we provide enrollment to meet state requirements, educational oversight, resources, online classes, assistance in choosing educational materials, development of an educational plan, quality transcripts, high school diplomas, and much more.  We have graduated more than 600 students in the past 13 years.  Our graduates have attended many colleges across the nation, serve in public service, and serve in all branches of the military.   

Our well-trained staff has a combined 90+ years of homeschool experience, and each one has homeschooled their own children. In turn, we pass along what we have learned and encourage parents in these endeavors. 

It is our goal to help you homeschool with excellence.

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