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N e w   H o p e   A c a d e m y 
o f    T e n n e s s e e 

Private  Christian  School  &  Resource  Center
"We   help   you   homeschool"
Book-based   and   Online   Programs


How  It  Works

When you choose to homeschool, you become the most prominent educator in your children's lives. This sounds scary, but there is an abundance of help, resources, and options to make this a successful adventure. Truly, you have been holding that position for some time, teaching them the life skills they need.  Step by step, from the day they were born, with love and encouragement, you taught your children to walk, talk, feed themselves, ride a bicycle, respond with respect, treat others with kindness, and so much more.  Homeschooling is a continuation of that process; it is building on the foundation you have already laid.  It is equipping your children educationally, socially, emotionally, anspiritually to become tomorrow's leadersYou are up to the task, and we are here to help you.

You, as the parent, have the major role to play, but as your umbrella school, NHAT is here to assist you in this endeavor.  We are here to support you and provide the oversight that leads to quality records, transcripts, diplomas, and much more.  When we work together, each one meeting the defined responsibilities, we can have a tremendous partnership and successful outcomes.  


The School's Part

  • New Hope Academy of Tennessee (NHAT) provides the following:

    • Enrollment to meet state standards​

    • Notification to the state of your child's enrollment

      • In TN you do not need to give "Intent to Homeschool" - we notify for you.​

      • From other states, email us for assistance.

    • Oversight to verify enrollment and attendance​

    • Record-keeping

      • Grades

      • Attendance

      • Enrollment

    • Quality transcripts

    • Quality diplomas (Seniors that meet requirements)

      • Graduates must meet state requirements 

      • Graduates must meet NHAT's requirements

The Parents' Part 

  • Parent's responsibilities:

    • Oversee your student's education​

      • Use approved educational materials​

      • Make sure your student is progressing and leaning

      • Make adjustments when needed

    • TeachYou are the teacher

      • 180 days per year​

      • 6.5 hours per school day

      • Keep records of what is done at home

    • State Requirements Follow your state's requirements

    • Enroll each year

    • Biannual Reports:  submit them on time

      • Fall:  on/before  January 15​

      • Spring:  on/before  June 15

    • Testing:  NHAT requires 4,7, 9, 10, 11, 12 grades to test

    • ​Graduation Planfor high school students

      • Use the graduation plan we provide

      • It will help you know the required classes and when to take them​

    • Keep Records:  keep a daily journal of educational activities

    • Inform Us If anything changes, let us know ASAP

      • New address​

      • New phone numbers

      • New email address

      • Illnesses or hospitalizations (affecting education)

      • Custody changes or guardianship

      • Changes in circumstances that affect the student's education

    • Ask QuestionsIf you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

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