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Attendance & Grade Reports
Due biannually: January 15 & June 15.

Reporting Information:

  • Fall Report:  January 15 is the due date. 

    • May be submitted in December.

    • Early submission enables readily available transcript.

  • Spring Report:  June 15 is the due date. 

    • May be submitted in May.

    • Early submission enables readily available transcript.

  • Senior Year: 

    • Submit as soon as the semester is complete.

    • Transcripts and diplomas have a 2-week turn around.

  • Timeliness:  It is important to submit your semester reports in a timely manner.  

    • Recording Method:  Reports are entered in the order received. 

    • Updating Records:  We can only update records and transcript upon receipt of reports.  We need 7-10 days from submission to update records. 

    • Late Submissions:  Late reports may create a 4-week delay.


Reporting Steps: 


1.   Read all these instructions.

2.  Choose the correct form to use.

  • Kindergarten-8th Grade:  use K-8 Report Form  (K-8 Attached below)

  • 8th Grade with High School Classes:

    • Use both forms.     (Attached below)

    • Put 8th grade classes on K-8 Report Form​

    • Put up to 3 high school classes on High School Form

  • 9th - 12th: use the High School Report Form   (9-12 Attached below)

    • Include course names, grades, and credits for each class.

    • Year-long classes get 1/2 credit in Fall & Spring, totaling 1 credit in Final.

    • High school students usually take up to 8 credits per year.

  • Dual Enrollment Credits:   (College classes in high school)

    Dual classes are only reported from the college transcript. 

    • Request the college to send us your student's transcript.

3.   Click the form button below and it will auto download.

  • Click the save icon and then save the form

    • To default location, usually "Downloads"

    • Or to location of your choosing

  • Save the pdf file as

    • Student's name and grade number. 

    • IE:  Report (Smith, Jane - 7th)

  • Then fill out the report  (one for each student)

    • Use the same file for fall and spring.​

    • Spring: update fall report and save. 

    • Always keep a copy.

  • Resave the file when complete as same name.​

 (If you prefer to fill out printed forms by hand, please mail them to our office.)

4.  Send in your completed form(s).

  • Quickest Way:  Email a form for each student.

  • To

  •  Be sure to attach the form(s) to the email. 

  • You should be able to drag and drop it into the email.

  • You may also fax or mail the form(s) to our office.

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