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How to Get Started

As a parent, when we choose to homeschool, we find ourselves taking responsibility for our child(ren)'s education.  While this may seem daunting and a bit scary, it is also an exciting endeavor that gives you and your child(ren) more opportunities than you may have thought possible.  With a solid educational plan and determination to provide a loving and peaceful learning environment, homeschooling can facilitate a unique bonding experience between parent and child(ren).  It can ignite educational excellence and create opportunities to explore interests and career interests.  In this decision, we often become the primary influence in the lives of our child(ren) during the most formative years.

Getting Started: -  What to Submit to NHAT

  1. Enrollment Form:   Grades K-12:  

    1. Fill out and submit an enrollment form for each student.

    2. If you have questions or need assistance, ask for a call back in your enrollment email.​

    3. If you need help with choosing educational materials, ask and we will assist you.

  2. Parent's Document:  Submit one of the following for one parent:

    1. High school diploma​

    2. High school transcript with graduation date

    3. GED

    4. College transcript

    5. College diploma

  3. Kindergarten:  Please submit a copy of the following:

    1. Birth certificate​

    2. Immunization record (or Immunization exemption form - we can provide this to you upon request)

  4. Transfer Students: 1st-12th:

    1. Most records should come from the previous school​

    2. We will contact you if anything is missing from your student's records.

  5. Invoice Expect an invoice or contact from us within 1-2 business days of submission.

  6. Payment of Invoice:  If enrollment is not finalized within two weeks, it will be discarded.​

  7. Online Classes If using our online classes, we will contact you and set up your student's classes.

What You Will Need: Educational Materials

  1. Classes Plan: List of classes your student should take.   If you need to know which classes to take, please email us and we will assist you.

  2. Curriculum/Educational-Materials Plan:   Options include:​​

    1. Online Classes:  We offer online classes for grades 3-12

      1. Includes student and teacher materials

      2. Good option for many students

      3. Christian based

      4. Align with state standards

      5. Can be set up and ready to begin with a couple of days

      6. Eliminates the need to purchase any books

      7. Keeps track of your student progress, grades, and attendance

      8. Can be set up to meet your family's individual schedule

    2. Book-based Materials:  

      1. You will likely need student and teacher materials

      2. Some good publishers include:

        1. BJU Press​

        2. Alpha-Omega 

        3. Pathway Readers

        4. LifePac

        5. Abeka

        6. Horizons

        7. Rod and Staff

        8. The Good and the Beautiful

        9. Teaching Textbooks

        10. Easy Grammar

  3. School Calendar:  Plan your school year. 

    1. NHAT Online Students:  We will work with you to set up your schedule to fit your needs.​

    2. Book-based Students:  You will need to design a calendar for the school year.

      1. It must include 180, 6.5-hour school days​

      2. It can be a traditional school year: August-May.

      3. It may be a year-round school year 

  4. School Journal:  You should keep a school journal to document the following:

    1. Daily log of work done by each student​

    2. Classes/subjects covered

    3. Reading books

    4. Field trips

    5. Library days

    6. Co-op days and activities

    7. Etc.

    8. This is your log, which reflects your educational activities daily.  

    9. We suggest maintaining such a journal each year. 

  5. Begin your classes and let us know if you have questions.


What Comes Next

  1. High School Students:  Expect your high school plan 

  2. Biannual Attendance/Grade Reports:  

    1. Fall Report:        Due January 15 (Submit as soon as finished.)

    2. Spring Report:   Due June 15      (Submit as soon as finished.) 

    3. Our staff submits the reports for our online classes

  3. Testing 

    1. Optional Test Years:  3, 5, 6, 8 - any parent can choose to test their student

    2. Required Test Years:  4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12​

      1. NHAT administers the Stanford Achievement Test each spring

      2. Emails:  Testing coordinator will email you to make arrangements 

      3. January:  You may call the office as early as January to schedule testing if you prefer.

    3. If in 10-12th grades:  Test options are Stanford, ACT or SAT

      1. ACT:  Use our school code (430-141) as a private school

      2. SAT:   Use our school code (430-141) as a private school

    4. Special Needs Students:  Optional Woodcock-Johnson Test

      1. Contact our office for information.​

  4. Graduation Plan:  We will provide you a graduation plan.

    1. This plan is to help you meet all credit requirements.​

    2. If you have questions about it, please ask us.

    3. Some classes, such as English and math, should stay in the outlined order.

    4. Elective classes can be moved to different years.

    5. All required classes must be completed to graduate.

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