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Enrollment:  As Easy as 1.2.3.

(If you are new to homeschooling, you may want to start with our "Getting Started" page.)

1.  Instructions:  Please read all instructions before opening the Enrollment Form below.  The enrollment form is a pdf fillable form, so if you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your device, please download it for free by clicking this link:   Adobe Reader 

  • Enrollment Form:  The Form will open in a new window on your computer or download as a pdf on your phone when you click on the button. 

  • Fill in the form:  Using Adobe Reader, fill out all three pages.  For new kindergarten and transferring students, please note the documents required on page 2 and be sure to send them with your enrollment form.

  • Save and Name It:  Save the pdf file to your device, either accepting the default location (usually downloads) or changing the location as desired.  Name (or rename) the file ​using your student's name and current grade

    • IE:  2024-25 Enrollment (Smith, Jane  - 9th)   

    • If you have difficulty renaming the document, you may submit it as is.  

  • Curriculum:  If you need help choosing curriculum, please ask; we will be happy to assist you.

    • Send an email asking for help to

    • We can only complete enrollment when all information is provided.

2.  Submit Enrollment Form:

  • Quickest Method:  Email the 3-page form (for each student) to

    • Be sure to remember to attach the form and any required documents to the email.  You should be able to drag and drop it into the email.

  • Alternative Methods You may fax, mail, or drop off the Enrollment Form(s) at our office.

    • FAX: (423) 239-9300​

    • Address:  4924-C   Fort Henry Dr., Kingsport, TN  37663


  • Invoice for Fees

    • We will send an invoice upon receipt of completed enrollment form(s) and all needed documentation.  

    • Current fees are listed below and are subject to change.

  • Methods of Payment may be made through PayPal, by check, or cash. 

    • Enrollment will be finalized after receipt of enrollment fees.

  • Transferring Students:  Upon receipt and finalization of enrollment, we will notify and request records from your previous school.

    • If you plan for your 10th-12th grade student to do our online classes, you may provide a copy of his or her unofficial transcript for a quick start date.  (We have to know which credits the student has earned to be able to properly assign classes.  An unofficial transcript may be obtained by requesting a copy for the previous school.)   If you do not have it, ask us about other options.​


  • Online Classes Enrollment Suggestions:  

    • We recommend students interested in taking our online classes complete enrollment prior to July 25th to begin classes in August. 

    • The sooner you enroll, the sooner we can set up your student's classes and help you prepare to begin classes without delay.

    • Enrollments after July 25 may experience 1-5 day delays in start dates. 

    • For 10th-12th grade students, we need copies of unofficial transcripts.

  • Tennessee's Enrollment Date Requirements:

    • You must make sure your student(s) are enrolled before school commences in the district of residence.

  • Returning Students: 

    • Discount:  Returning students whose enrollments are completed with payment on or before June 15 will qualify for a re-enrollment discount. 

    • Dates:  To be in compliance with Tennessee requirements, you must enroll on or before school begins in your district.

    • August 10:  Only enrollments completed by August 10 will be included on NHAT's required reports which validate enrollment.

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