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Tri-Cities Tennessee Area Coops:

​​​​​​​​​Listed below are a number of co-ops that offer onsite classes.

These co-ops are not affiliated with New Hope Academy of Tennessee but provide resources and tutorial classes that many homeschoolers choose to use to assist in their educational endeavors.  These coops are not schools and do not provide school enrollment to meet state enrollment standards. (We list these co-ops as a courtesy only, not as an endorsement.) 



MULTIPLE  DAYS - Classes - Kingsport, TN

Westminster Presbyterian Church- Offered multiple days and multiple classes  (423) 247-7341                  
These classes meet on a variety of days throughout the week.  Please contact them for precise information and schedules.  These classes fill up quickly.            


H.E.L.P. -  ​Classes  -  Blountville, TN

H.E.L.P. Classes meet at Celebration Church on Monbdays
These classes take a classical approach to the education process. 

For high school students, they are set up to provide classes for all academic required credits over a four year period.


KACHEA   - Classes - Kingsport, TN 


Bristol Academy - Classes - Bristol, TN ​​​​

Kingsport Christian Academy - Classes - Kingsport, TN

TEACH Tri-Cities  -  Classes - Johnson City, TN

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