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N e w   H o p e   A c a d e m y 
o f    T e n n e s s e e 

Private  Christian  School  &  Resource  Center
"We   help   you   homeschool"
Book-based   and   Online   Programs

How We Help You Homeschool

New Hope Academy of Tennessee (NHAT) is a private, Christian school, catering to the needs of homeschooling families.  As a Category IV, church-related school, we offer many services to homeschoolers.  



  • Helpful Staff

    • Our staff is friendly and helpful

    • Many years of experience 

  • Open Enrollment:    Grades K-12

    • Meet state requirements​

  • Easy Transfer​: simple and quick

  • Reasonable Fees

  • Record-Keeping We keep your student's records and transcript

  • New Homeschoolers:  We answer your questions and help you get started

  • Seasoned Homeschoolers:  We provide umbrella coverage and assistance 

  • Consultations: upon request

  • Individual Assistance:  in office and virtually

  • Standardized Testingproctored test lab and score explanation

  • Curriculum Information

  • Educational Options: online classes and book-based option

  • NHAT Online Program and Classes: well- established, quick, easy transition

    • Grades 3-12

    • Staff sets up classes to meet your schedule​

    • Year-long for elementary and middle grades

    • Block schedule option for high school students

  • High School Graduation Plan: designed for each high school student

  • Official transcripts and diplomas for graduates

  • Graduation ceremony optional for seniors

  • College Preparation: testing, transcripts, scholarship information

Please contact us with any questions or if we may be of assistance to you.

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